The worlds of Machine du Vin

Pass through acres of sunflowers, over bridge, across a gently bubbling river into Camon, the medieval French village time forgot. Its fields, gardens, courtyards and tunnels are your playground for the next three days.

One thousand years of stone and memory look on as a party for the ages kicks off in the shade of the castle’s high walls.

The Château

Lush flower beds, leafy clearings, sparkling fountains and a decadent pool are yours to explore in the sun-soaked château gardens.

The Garden

Walking is so passé. Grab a lilo and a cocktail and float your way to freedom on the gently bubbling river which wraps around the village.

The River

You’ll feel the groove before you hear it, as double bass lines bounce off stone in the vibing Jazz Quarter—a smooth slice of old world deviance.

The Jazz Quarter

At the foot of the Château de Camon a large field is flanked by grapevines. Grass underfoot, open skies above—here lies your idyllic main stage playground.

The Vineyard

This cavernous abandoned train tunnel come after-hours rave den will suck you into the small hours—we can’t predict how it’ll spit you out.

The Tunnel

Perched at the crest of a hill overlooking Camon and the valleys beyond, Eagles Nest is a positively majestic spot for a sunset-disco-funk-tipple.

The Eagles Nest

Wander through Camon’s cobbled streets, where you’ll meet the locals, hit the markets and gorge on the freshest gourmet food and wine straight from the source.

The Village