What are we

Machine du Vin is a boutique Music, Food, Wine & Arts Festival in the South of France from Friday 31 AugustSunday 2 September.

Campsites open Thursday 30 August and close Monday 3 September.

Where we are

Camon is a tiny and spectacular village between Toulouse & Narbonne in the South of France. Often referred to as the most beautiful village in all France.

The festival is set amongst the village, in fields surrounding LÁbbaye Chateau de Camon.

Whether driving from a nearby train station to the East or on one of our festival buses from the hub of Toulouse in the West, the magic of this region in full bloom will take your breath away as you pass field on field of vines and beaming yellow sunflowers.

Coordinates: 43.0219° N, 1.9662° E

How do I get here?

Despite its alluring nature of remoteness, Camon is remarkably easy to access from most major ports in Europe. Flights into Toulouse take less than 2 hours from London, Amsterdam or Berlin and less than 1 hour from Paris, Barcelona, Geneva or Nice.

If, like us, you’re an old soul, then France’s high speed trains will be more your modus operandi. 6 hours (aka a couple bottles of red) in comfort from Paris or Barcelona across some of the most picturesque countryside on the planet.

From Toulouse airport or train station, jump on one of our Machine du Vin buses direct to the festival (and back at the end) or hire a car and enjoy the 45 minutes of bliss heading into the village of Camon.

Those driving from home will enjoy one of the road-trips of their lifetime traversing this spectacularly beautiful part of the world. We recommend stopping as often as possible to taste the abundance of local wines and cheeses along the way.

Tickets & Wristbands

3 day festival tickets with a variety of camping or glamping options and delicious add-ons (we recommend the Long Yellow Lunch) are available from the Tickets page.

You will receive electronic tickets via email. Either print them or present them on your smartphone when you arrive.

Wristbands will be provided when you arrive to site. These electronic wristbands are your passport to access the various parts of the festival. Do not lose them or tamper with them. Further instructions will follow in your welcome pack.

Are you the captain of your group? Social butterfly? Vibe leader? Squad commander? Whatever your title, we thought you might like to know that if you take upon yourself to organise your group (like you always end up doing) of 7 or more, you get your ticket completely FREE. We also waive your camping pass costs so you can create your ultimate campsite together and set up the appropriate fortifications. Enter the code ‘iamthecaptain’ when purchasing your tickets and receive what is one of the few perks of leadership.

Camping & Accom

To really experience the Machine du Vin je ne sais quoi, we recommend camping in one of 3 gorgeous green fields surrounding the Chateau:

  • Main Campsite (bring your own tent) – 10€ for the weekend per tent
  • Tent City (arrive to an already assembled 2-person tent with mats, sleeping bags and pillows) – 129€ for the weekend per tent
  • Glamping Grove– (stroll in like a boss to your 2-person Canvas tent with carpet flooring, a mattress, sleeping bags, pillows, lighting and a doormat) – 349€ for the weekend per tent

If you’re not really a “tent” person, we recommend Air BNB both in the village of Camon and surrounding villages of Mirepoix, Chalabre, Lagarde which are all within 5-10 minutes of the festival. Details of shuttle buses to and from these villages during the festival to follow closer to the event date.

Personal Safety

We are respectful peace loving folk and we’re sure you are too. You must ensure that you and your fellow guests act in an orderly manner when attending the Event. We may refuse entry or evict you or any of your guests if you or any of your party are behaving in a disorderly, offensive or inappropriate manner which we’re sure you won’t.

We have a zero tolerance policy toward illicit substances. Possession, sale or use of illegal drugs or illicit substances is strictly prohibited at the Venue and the Event. Any persons found with illegal drugs or illicit substances in their possession will be removed from the Venue and subject to Police action.

We reserves the right to refuse a Ticketholder admission to the Venue and the Event and/or to evict any person from the Venue and the Event if they are affected by alcohol or drugs, or act in contravention of any of the general terms and conditions found on the ticket.

The Event is fully licensed – please do not bring alcohol with you as it will be confiscated and will not be returned. Only alcohol purchased from bars at the Event may be consumed at the Event Site. If you wish to purchase or consume alcohol, you must have valid proof of age photo ID. You must be of legal age (18 years) to purchase and consume alcohol on the Event Site. If you are found supplying or buying alcohol for a minor (a person under 18 years of age) you will be evicted from the Event and may be referred to police.

Bags, containers and other personal items will be searched at the entry to the Venue to check for any banned items. Banned items include glass, alcohol, weapons, umbrellas, selfie sticks, video cameras (including GoPros), and drones.

In the case of an emergency or serious injury, Patrons must follow all official directives of the Organiser or Organiser’s authorized staff and personnel.

In the event of patron injury or illness, we may at its discretion, and at the cost of the patron, arrange medical treatment and/or emergency evacuation as deemed essential or necessary for the safety of the patron (and/or other patrons at the Event).

Safety is our number one priority. Our security team are there to keep you safe and will be co-operating with the local Police and crowd care to ensure you have the greatest weekend of your lives… and get home safely.

We not responsible or liable for any unattended, lost or stolen items. Patrons agree to enter the event site at their own risk and shall be responsible for their own property and personal items.

If you find something, please drop it in to the cloakroom. If you lose something, please visit the cloak room and our friendly staff will let you know if anyone has dropped off your lost item. If they haven’t, you can leave your name and contact details in case it is found and our staff will give you try and contact you.

If you realise you have lost something AFTER the festival, all found/handed in items will be left at the Venue. You can contact the Venue via this email lostandfound@machineduvin.com and they will let you know if they have your item. All found/handed in phones, wallets and ID’s will be sent to the local Police station. All other items will be donated to charity if not collected by October.


  • This is the most beautiful village in the world, we will leave it exactly as we found it.
  • Please, Leave No Trace. You and we are privileged to have access to the venue, and the continued success of the festival depends on you.
  • Garbage bags will be available at the Info Tent if required
  • Please bin cigarette butts (or use the portable ashtray we supply on entry).
  • No fires, and no dogs.
  • Please only use fully biodegradable soaps and cleaning products in the waterway and in the Campsite.
  • Please demonstrate respect for nature, and try to minimise Your footprint.
  • Please actively encourage your mates to do the right thing.
  • Remember, respect goes a long way. Lead by example.


What are the dates & venue for Machine du Vin 2018?
The Festival goes from Fri 31 Aug to Sun 2 September. The campsites are open from Thursday 30th to Monday 3rd. The venue is the tiny village of Camon, a commune in the Ariège department in southwestern France.

How do I get to the venue?
Fly/Train/Drive/Bus. Refer to the travel options we suggest in the information section.


Do I need to change the name on the ticket if I give it to a friend?
No. The name is so we can find you if the ticket is lost. The barcode is what you use to enter the event.

Can I have the ticket on my phone?
Yes. As long as the barcode is clearly legible.

Why can’t I sell my ticket on the Facebook event wall?
Sorry, we don’t allow tickets to be sold on the event wall. It clogs up the feed and prevents people from seeing important messages.

I’ve lost my ticket email, can it get re-sent?
Try Resend my ticket. If you are still having issues, please contact help@iwannaticket.com.au


What happens if it rains?
The show must go on! The festival will run regardless of rain, wind or shine – unless weather conditions become extreme and dangerous and pose a serious risk to the safety of patrons and artists. However the South of France in August is famous for its sunshine and perfect temperatures so we’d suggest you plan for that!

Is there a dress code?
No. However most people do put a little more effort in than normal, so you might to as well. It’s the South of France after all. But of course, it’s up to you, as long as you have a smile on your dial, you’ll be welcomed with open arms!

Are there pass outs?
No. Unfortunately licensing prevents us from allowing pass-outs.

Is the event 18+

What benefits does a VIP ticket give?
There are no VIP tickets because the entire thing is VIP. You’ll see when you get there.

Where can I find info on bus transfers?
The bus details for each event can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the ticket page for the event.

Can we bring food or bottled water to the event?
No food or drinks are allowed. There will be plenty of water stations and incredible gourmet fresh local produce providers scattered throughout the site.

Why do I have to buy a vehicle pass as well as an event camping ticket?
Vehicle passes are one of a number of initiatives designed to help alleviate traffic congestion. If driving, we recommend carpooling with friends.

Who can I contact for more info?
Contact area.

Timetables & Maps

Set-times and the festival map will drop closer to the event date. Watch this space or follow on Facebook.


Can I get some info about disabled access?
Once you have secured your event tickets, get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

What’s the site like for getting around?
There are a few hills in the Village but most of it is flat and fairly accessible. With grassy fields and paved roads. But like any outdoor event it can be difficult if conditions are poor. We can confirm we have dedicated disabled fishing platforms set along the river if you’re in the mood.

Is there parking close to the festival site entrance for those with disabilities?
We do have parking set aside for eligible patrons close to the site entrance, but please get in touch with us (via the Contact Us page) beforehand. You will need to pre-purchase the appropriate vehicle pass to access the car parks at the Venue.

Are there disabled amenities in the campgrounds?
Yes, there are disabled showers and toilets in a dedicated area of the campgrounds. Once you have secured your event and camping tickets, please contact us via the Contact Us page for further information.

Will there be a viewing area for people in wheelchairs?
Yes in the main arena, not all of the areas will provide this, however we will help accommodate as best we can. Get in touch through the Contact Us page and let’s start a conversation!